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Drug information

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential if drug problems are to be reduced in the community. Here is some information about common drugs in New Zealand.

Matters of Substance

Matters of Substance cover August 2016
Matters of Substance is the Drug Foundation's quarterly magazine, available to subscribers and our members.

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What’s happening?

Speaker & Soup series

"Practicing a public health approach to drugs" talk series

There are strong signs that public health and drug policy do mix. Over three 2016 Speaker & Soup sessions we canvassed what this means in practice. The discussion was vigorous and the soup hot. Recording of the sessions are now available.

Catch up on the the 2016 Speaker & Soup season.

A guide to conversations with young people about drugs and alcohol booklet cover

New resources for healthy ways of addressing alcohol and drugs in schools

To kick start conversations around the BoT meeting table or within senior leadership teams you can order resources about an evidence-based approach to addressing alcohol and other drugs in schools. We are also happy to share the Did you know? series produced by the AOD Collaborative.

Order hardcopy resources

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