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Drug information

We believe that access to accurate, clear information is essential if drug problems are to be reduced in the community. Here is some information about common drugs in New Zealand.

Matters of Substance

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Matters of Substance is the Drug Foundation's quarterly magazine, available to subscribers and our members.

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What’s happening?

UN symbol on UN gates

UNGASS Unravelled: A Post-Drug Summit Debrief

The United Nations met in April to talk drug policy. The agreement that was reached didn't go as far as hoped, but there were some promising signs of change. So what does it all mean for drug policy in Aorearoa? 

Come along to our Auckland and Wellington events to find out.

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Where do you stand?

Grab a poster and take a snapshot to show the world who backs Support. Don't Punish | Tautāwhihia. Kaua e whiu. It's simple: arrange totake a photo with friends, family and colleagues holding up the Support. Don't Punish. poster, then share. Get involved in Support. Don't Punish. Tautāwhihia. Kaua e whiu. in 2016

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